Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Athletes bring Doctors of Chiropractic to London in 2012

Peak Conditioning leads to peak performance

Olympic athletes have trained their whole lives to make it to center stage and compete for gold.  Peak performance requires top physical, chemical and emotional conditioning.  

Many Olympic athletes rely on Chiropractors to ensure a balanced spine and optimally functioning nervous system.  This helps increases physical performance and reduces risk of injury.  Find out why a whole team of Chiropractors is in London to support the athletes:

The fastest man in the worldUsain Bolt brings his chiropractor with him to London.  Find out the details at

In addition, if an athlete is injured, chiropractic adjustments help provides a proper and speedy recovery.  You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to experience the benefits of chiropractic.  During the Olympics we are offering Free Exams. 651 288-3098

651 288-3098

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Your Insurance Company wants you OUT OF PAIN

The CDC reports:  Low back pain is among the most common complaints, along with migraine or severe headache, and joint pain, aching or stiffness. The knee is the joint that causes the most pain according to the report.

MN Wellness Institute is an “in network” clinic for most major insurance companies.  The exciting news is Insurances are providing Chiropractic care so you don’t have to live in pain.  In the past Chiropractic care was scarcely covered by insurance.  Today they offer coverage to relieve your pain.  Utilize your insurance and see how great it feels to be pain free.