Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adverse Mechanical Tension - Your Health's Enemy

The Nervous System is the most important factor in the development and health of your body. In fact your nervous system affects the expression of your DNA.
In today's drug-and-surgery based health care there are very few methods to effectively evaluate nervous system function. By the time symptoms are evident, nervous system dysfunction has been present so long that extensive damage has already occurred.
Neurosurgeon, Dr. Alf Breig pioneered research on a nervous system disorder called Adverse Mechanical Tension. This describes a process by which the spinal cord’s meninges become trapped or entangled within the spinal column. Subsequent spinal motion stretches nerves, decreasing signals from the brain to the body.
Dis-ease! Your brain is your master computer sending millions of signals a second throughout the body using the nervous system. Together, they control absolutely every function in your body including:
Blood pressure                  Heart rate               Digestion
Breathing                         Energy production    Immune function
Cholesterol levels              Cell repair
Because your nervous system controls every function in your body, early signs of Adverse Mechanical Tension can include virtually any symptom. Some of the most common symptoms are headaches, neck pain, back pain, weakness, numbness and pain down the arms or legs. But the first symptom may simply be fatigue, slumped posture or shortness of breath. If this tension persists symptoms will worsen possible becoming permanent.
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